Despite putting hard efforts when a person finds it difficult to build body muscles, he is known as a hardgainer. Sometimes it happens that even after following hard workouts in gym, some people just remain unable to gain the desired muscles and physic.


Few reasons have been identified as responsible factors for inflicting this problem. Though there could be numerous factors responsible for this condition, experts have stipulated sleeplessness, type of gene, lack of nutritious foods, stress etc. as the major culprits for creating and enhancing hurdles while trying to develop the aspired body muscle. For instance, if a person is not devouring enough protein, calorie or other nutritious foods while doing regular workouts, he will not be able to build muscles.

On the other hand, when a person is stressed, a hormone called cortisol is produced which hinders muscle development process. However, a hardgainer can succeed in gaining muscles with positive attitude and high self-esteem.

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