What is sports good for?

The first thing that motivates you to exercise is to be in the best shape, build muscles, eliminate sagging or achieve a better mood, but there are more reasons why running, swimming or cycling is good . However, you also have to avoid the excess of these resistance exercises, due to injuries and problems in your current health.


So as a first priority you should consult a doctor who enables you to practice them, with his approval, you would not have the fear of worsening your health due to lack of foresight. For the rest, find out the benefits of following an endurance sports regimen.

Strengthen bones: Sports like running strengthen bones better than other aerobic activities, according to scientific studies that compared the bone density of runners and cyclists.

Think fast: Staying in a sport helps you focus better and be more productive during the day, especially with math activities.
Sharp thinking: A study in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society showed that women who were active, during their teenage years, were less likely to develop demented conditions as they reached old age.
Benefit sleep: Insomniacs fall asleep sooner and also sleep an extra hour during the days when they exercise.
Breathing easy: In the case of respiratory pathologies such as asthmatics, a controlled strong session per week and after three months, they had fewer problems in breathing and shortness of breath decreased.
Live longer: Those who get used to resistance exercises are 50% less likely to die prematurely than those who do not train.