Ladies, Ladies, Ladies….. Yes dating is hard. Trying to find a good man is hard. However, sometimes we can make it harder on ourselves. Maybe there are some things about yourself  that you need to change in order to attract Prince Charming.


  • Operation Miss Independent is in full effect. You have adopted the attitude that you don’t need a man for anything, because you’re Miss Independent. You’re Miss I can do it all by myself. I don’t need a man. So now guess what? It worked. Not only have you convinced yourself you don’t need one, you’ve also convinced them that you don’t. Why would a man bother with any women who claims not to need him? 
  • No one is good enough for you! The reason being you don’t have standards. You have unrealistic expectations that no guy on this Earth will ever meet.You want him perfect when you’re not perfect. You want him to have a six pack, when you don’t even work out. You want him to be this perfection of a human being, and sorry my little gumdrop, no such man exists!! 
  •  You want a man but you aren’t putting yourself out there. Do you think Mr.Right is just gonna fall from the sky. “It’s raining men” is just a song. If i’m wrong about that and somewhere it does rain men, then i’m on the next flight to get to that place. But last time I checked it doesn’t. So until it does you have to be willing to go out there and meet people.
  • You can’t get over that crazy, no good ex.  He’s called an ex for a reason. He’s not the one. You knew that when you met him. However you didn’t listen to that lovely thing God gave us called instinct, and now years later you can’t even hear Mariah’s “ We Belong Together” without balling your eyes out. What man wants to deal with all your baggage from your last relationship? You can’t start over fresh with anyone, until you get over the last one.
  • You aren’t happy with yourself. You have to be one with yourself before finding the right man. Now finding any man isn’t a problem, because many women have a man. The key is to find the RIGHT man. You can’t find that until you are truly at peace with yourself. Be happy with who you are. Go after your dreams. Focus on being the best person you can be, and the universe will let Mr. Right know when you’re ready for him.