Curling your eyelashes could make a difference in the way your eyes would look. It is also one way of emphasizing the shape and size of your eyes. Eyelashes curlers are the best tool to use for curling straight eyelashes and make it more realistic. This usually made from metal, plastic or the heated type in which the effectiveness of the three doesn’t show a significant difference. It can only be determined through the ability of the user and quality of the pads.


The best way to curl your eyelashes

Clean up the traces of old make-ups in your eyelashes to avoid creating a messy appearance. Make sure that the pad is disinfected and free from dirt like the sticky mascara that would easily get into the eyes and cause irritation. For better results, you can heat the eyelashes curler with a hair dryer or hot water. You can either blow it dry or dip the curler in a hot water and make sure the heat wouldn’t be too much when you use it. Gently grab your eyelashes from the roots and squeeze it for a few seconds. See to it that the upper lashes are in between the edges of the curler. Then open the curler completely while releasing it. Repeat the same procedure if necessary. The heat will curl up your lashes easily and would last longer than necessary.

Take a brush, look down in the mirror and slowly stroke your lashes upwards using the tip of the brush and make sure the mascara is just enough to use. Some people would prefer applying mascara after curling and others are doing the other way around. The only drawback of applying mascara before curling is that it may stick on the pads causing the lashes to clump together while doing the curling process. Finally, comb the lashes to remove extra mascara and separate each lashes making it more natural.

Resulting issue for incorrectly used eyelashes curlers

Cleaning the eyelashes curler pad is very important for a person who wishes to achieve better curling results. This can be done effectively with soap and water or eye make-up remover. It is also recommended to change the pad every couple of months. Some eyelashes curlers are designed to have a built-in warming device that enhances its effectiveness. Curling dry eyelashes will also provide better results than using a curler on wet lashes.

Curled eyelashes will add brighter appearance to your face as it makes your eyes wider. Mascara is normally added to improve the look of your tired eyes. It is very important to emphasize those eyelashes curlers if used incorrectly may result to eyelid injury. If it is held closely to the roots, there will be a tendency for it to pinch the eyelid which might cause tissue injury and possible infection. To prevent this issue from happening, a person who has less experience in doing the procedure should avoid doing it closer to the roots.

Quality eyelashes curlers can be purchased in grocery chain retailers, drug stores and your nearest beauty supply stores. Inexperienced in eyelashes curling can learn from demonstrations and instructions from experts in department store cosmetic counters.