Scarlett Johansson and Jessica Biel share a passion for cutting edge fashion, handsome men (just think of Justin Timberlake) and brown lipsticks. At the premiere of the film Hitchcock both actresses have chosen similar dark shades that are a hit this fall.


Jessica combined a brown coloured lipstick for her lips. This is an ideal way to wear dark colour if you are a lover of the dramatic look. Several shades of darker colour look natural and nurtured. However, Jessica did not pay any attention to the rest of her makeup; she used eyeliner of the same colour and because of the red pigment she seemed to look a bit tired. In the end, there were the thick bangs that gave her the impression of playfulness, not fatal femininity which is more suited for such a colour.

On the other hand, the sensual Scarlett chose quite an intense lipstick with a brick undertone, and glamorous curls parted to the side. With a confident attitude, Scarlett simply shines and steals all the attention.

If you really want to wear a dark lipstick, look at Scarlett. Although she had a striking shade, she looks more natural because she is aware of what she’s wearing.