"Neymar Jr the global soccer super star, has joined the NFT craze at the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC). The Brazilian superstar paid $1 million for two Bored Ape NFTs, making him the newest member of the BAYC elite."

"I am an ape!" said Neymar in a tweet announcing his BAYC NFT.


Ape #6633 and #5269 are the two BAYC NFTs he presently possesses.

His current Twitter profile image is a pink ape #6633 sporting a birthday cap, bow tie, sparkling glasses, and blowing bubblegum.

The football star paid 159.99 ETH for the pink ape, which works out to about $455.4K at today's ETH pricing.

His second Ape NFT #5269 is valued at 189.69 ETH ($539k), According to OpenSea's records history.

Neymar's most precious monkey has laser eyes, a trendy fad among maximalist bitcoiners who anticipate the price of bitcoin will soon reach $100,000.

For security considerations, the Apes were transferred from Neymar's "EneJay" account to another one called "EneJayVault."


Neymar also has NFTs from the ACESnikers fashion collection, as well as flipped Cryptopunks, flipped BAYC, and flipped Doodles. He also owns the ENS Neymar-loves-rarepepes domain. If anyone wants to send him any NFT regarding the popular "crypto meme," send it to him in eth.

Neymar isn't the only newcomer to BAYC; earlier this month, Eminem purchased BAYC #9055, which he proudly displayed as his Twitter profile photo. While celebrities were busy using NFTs as Twitter profile pictures, Twitter introduced a new feature called "Twitter blue" that allows iOS users to use the platform. iOS users might utilize the capability to make accumulated NFTs their profile image. The craze for fancy profile pictures is just getting started!