Strict laws do however, concern the best. The future of iconic fragrance Chanel No. 5 is in danger. One of the most famous perfumes of all time, a perfume which was celebrated by icons such as Marilyn Monroe is not in accordance with the law.


Allegedly it is violating the European Union regulations because of the tree moss that cause allergic reactions. Miss Dior, Guerlain’s Shalimar and Thierry Mugler’s Angel also have substances which scientists want to limit so as they don’t cause panic in the perfume industry.

Famous French perfume designer, responsible for many of the wonderful scents, Sylvie Jourdet, said it would be the death of the perfume if this continues. Sylvie believes that the more you use natural ingredients the greater risk of allergy. Lemon, jasmine and bergamot also encouraged an allergy. Although he stresses that Chanel never caused harm to anyone.
According to “The Times” scientists want to limit citral, found in lemon and tangerine oils, then coumarone found in tonka beans and euganol, components of rose oil. Despite the law, the European Commission said it does not plan to ban the prominent scents, but that it will attentively listento all expert tips and monitorthat all necessary measures of protection are taken.

Chanel management said that they are not concerned about media releases and statements by experts because they are at all times ready to deal with all the problems of its customers and provide only the best. A spokesman for the brand said that the proposed changes to certain potential allergenic ingredients pose a problem for the entire industry, but that’s exactly why they were there. He’ll use his talents and in accordance with the rules and regulations preserve all the qualities of the most famous fragrance.

Girls do not look at the false alarm, do not get bogged down with rules and without any fear enjoy your favorite perfume!