A watch has always been a constant accessory for women because it doesn’t just tell the time; it also serves as a fashion statement. Watches come in different styles, color and make, so it should be habit to choose the right kind of watch, perfect for your outfit.
It may seem simple to just pop on a watch but if you are someone who is very conscious with the way you look, you have to match your watch with what you are wearing. Watches can be similar as well as they can be very different. If you want to know the kinds of wrist watches that you can wear every day, here are some pointers to observe:


Neutral or Plain Watches

these watches can be available in neutral colors like the classic black strap, plain watches with silver straps. These watches can go with your everyday outfit to work or a night out with friends.

Colorful Watches

if you are someone who always wants to set a trend or follow existing ones, colorful watches are the way to go. These days there are watches that you can buy in very affordable prices and are durable enough to last for years. Colorful watches are usually neon, pastel or bright colors that you can mix-match with your everyday outfit. They also come in jelly straps or you plain leather or plastic straps.

Rubber Strapped Watches

these are also neutral and durable. Normally, watches with rubber straps can help you look sporty, casual or laid back. Most of them are also water proof so you can take it with you when you go swimming.

Stainless Steels

these are watches that have a more formal approach. They are stylish and clean at the same time.

Interchangeable watches

this is another current trend. You can now change and interchange parts of the watch, like straps, rims which allows you to personalize your accessory more. The interchangeable parts are available in all colors so you won’t have a hard time choosing the right color to match your style.
Today, more and more ladies’ watches are made available to choose from. The best way to go is find your signature style: find which color accentuates your features more. The most important thing is to choose the style of watch you would like to keep for a very long time. Invest on watches that will normally not go out of date and those that would make you want to wear them every day.