Summer is the time of pleasures where smeared make-up certainly does not belong. You don’t have to be a hot mess during summer, we are going to show you how summer makeup can become simple just like wearing your favorite summer sandals. Read seven tips for perfect summer make-up every girl and woman will envy you.


  • Store your foundation
    As your summer wardrobe is replaced with light skirts and blouses, so you should “dress” your face in lighter makeup too. Put on a little concealer in the area around the eyes or on other imperfections on the skin, and then a little powder.
  • Bronzer’ – a healthy tan
    Use a little ‘bronzer’ in the right places, and your eyes will look bigger and your teeth whiter. To make your face look natural, apply ‘bronzer’ to the most prominent parts of the face. These are the forehead, cheeks, chin and nose. If you apply ‘bronzer’ on the entire face, your tan will look unnatural. For the same reason apply ‘bronzer’ with a large powder brush.
  • Try bright color
    As the color of summer clothes is brighter and livelier, so should the color palette of your makeup be livelier too. Vibrant colors will refresh your face. Those who insist on the use of natural tones can experiment on one side of the face, such as the cheeks on which you can apply blush in bright colors, for example, the pink tone.
  • Replace strong lipstick with transparent lip gloss
    You can replace your creamy dark colored lipsticks and instead use colored lip balm, which often even have SPF factor, and stores have a large selection of glosses in all possible summer color tones.
  • Your eye shadow should be constant
    In order to make your eyeshadow somewhat stable, do not apply face cream on the eyelids. Powdery eye shadows are more stable than the creamy eyeshadows, while it is still better to combine creamy shades with those in the powder. At the top, and if you want, on the lower eyelid make a line with soft pencil, and then with a thin brush apply eye shadow in a similar color over it. This way the line will be more consistent.
  • Don’t go anywhere without waterproof mascara
    You may have already used waterproof mascara and you have did not like it because they made your eyelashes brake and feel heavy. But try it again! It will be of great use in hot summer days at the beach.
  • In summer, use transparent and shiny colors
    Strong and intense shades of color can indeed be attractive, but in summer they look too hard on your face. Therefore, in the summer months it is better to use more transparent colors.

There is a whole range of products that are specifically designed for the summer look, eye shadows, bronzers, liquid foundations, and lip glosses, all in golden bronze brilliant colors. In summer it is good to have more shine.